Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

Steven Kauder

Shaman Drum and Shaman Rattle
Feedback from Clients around the World

I have retired after 20 years of cheery drum making.
I am still making drums that interest me. Any that
are available can be found by clicking here.

...and I received this note: "Oh no! Iím glad I at least got a nice buffalo drum and rattle before you retired. I really love your drums. Iíve used mine in many sweats and the tone doesnít miss a beat through the fourth door."


Buffalo Shaman Drum at Wťris Megalithic Tomb in Belgium

Shaman with Oval Buffalo Drum in Canada

Shaman with Buffalo Drum in Germany

Shaman with Buffalo Drum in Lithuania

New Zealand
Shaman with Oval Buffalo Drum in New Zealand

Shaman with Buffalo Drum in Norway

Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, Moose and Wolf Rawhide Drums and Rattles
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"I received my Wild & Wooly Rattle today. Words cannot adequately express my Joy and Awe of such a fine instrument of Spirit and work of Art. With tears of thanksgiving, I say, 'Thank-you!' 'Thank-you!' 'Thank-you!'"

"I received my 18-inch moose hide drum earlier today. Wow man it is amazing!! It has such a heavy, deep sound which is what I had been hoping for.'"

"I can't say enough good about the [drum] kit and instructions (material) parts. ... The tone is excellent, not too tinny or dull, and there are no dead spots in the hide at all."

"Your work is wonderful, and the drum is my dear friend."

"I can tell you that when the rattle first arrived, it ... very quickly sent out countless nuances and realities within its initial cries, and I could not help but respond. We were fated in the best possible way."

"Hi Steven, thanks so much for my rattle; it is amazing and I love it so much! We have a drum circle here. Most of us have rattles (one some drums) from you, and their energy brings amazing things to our journeys and our circle."

"The drum you have made is magnificent. ... She holds a vibration all her own, and I feel as if I am relating with a living being when we play ...this is so much more than I even imagined possible."

"After researching about 500 web-sites, we finally found the best one! We were very impressed and feel very happy with the quality of the hides and the ease of the instructions in the rattle kit."

"I received the Elk Drum you made yesterday. It looks great, but more importantly - it sounds FANTASTIC. You do superb work."

"The drum is Sooooo amazing! And you are right, it does have a nice loud sound! I love it! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing your incredible gift(s) with the world!"

"I love your work. Received your gifts today. I am drawn to the bear rattle very much. I have played my drum and I am amazed at how good the tone is with just my fingers. ... You are a talented person. Thank you so much."

"The drum arrived this morning. It is even more beautiful than the picture. The beater you made gives it a better sound than other drum sticks I have... "

"I picked the drum up at the post office Saturday morning. It is even more beautiful than the picture. I like the sound a lot too. It is perfect and I am completely satisfied."

"I have waited for this opportunity to find a drum-maker with your abilities and integrity for many years. I'm profoundly excited about receiving my buffalo drum!!!"

"WOW! This drum is the drum of my dreams."

"The drum arrived and it is incredible. I have never in my life seen a drum that looked like this, or heard a drum that made this sound. It's really beautiful, a work of art."

"I just returned ... late last night and picked my drum & rattle up today. They are absolutely beautiful and I love the sound. What a perfect Mothers Day gift :o) Thank you so very much!"

"Drum arrived and everything is in great shape! We are pleased! ...this is the sound I heard coming from the earth that night in the Inipi. I'm really glad we went with the Buffalo! I'm glad we did not attempt to assemble."

"Dear Steven, I sort of lost my breath when I opened up the package; the drum is very beautiful, and I was glad I/we trusted your choice in the moment."

"I have enjoyed my drum so very much. It has a beautiful sound and absolutely loves to journey. Your workmanship and craft have been admired by many."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful drum! I opened the package and sat down and drummed for 20 minutes! I couldn't put it down! You are right, the drum is teaching me!"

"I have made the drum [kit] and it turned out great!! It has an excellent sound and I am excited about using it in ceremonies. I have honored the Moose spirit that gave of its life for the drum."

"The drum really is amazing. I feel the vibrations when I strike it, but then through the normal beautiful sound it makes a second sound/vibration [that] seems to pick up as if the sound waves from the normal sound start to reverberate off each other."

"I wanted to let you know that I received the rattle and am happy with it. I like how it almost looks like a part of the natural surrounding. Thank you so much for your help in getting this so quickly."

"I received the drum kit and finished the drum last night. The instructions were easy to follow and it turned out very nice... The drum is beautiful and has a powerfully deep tone."

"You rock man! I have seen your work many times and respect it. I look forward to playing the new drum."

"I received the rattle today. It is far better than what I had hoped for. Your craftsmanship is superb. The thick, beautiful top quality buffalo skin looks more than able to hold up through the heat and humidity of an Inipi ceremony."

"I really appreciate your good work and am VERY happy with the drum & rattle, so I look forward to the [drum] beater. Whenever I need something, I always look to your website first to see if I can get it from you."

"The bear drum arrived today ... and it is beautiful. Your craftsmanship and the love you put into it is very apparent and palpable. The black bear beater is a perfect complement"

"I received the rattle today, and it is gorgeous. Thank you very much for sharing your time and talents. I love the feel of the piece, and am looking forward to working with its spirit."

"Just wanted to let you know that this group of women gathered with their rattle kits and made them together, then gathered again in a rattle-blessing circle."

"I received my order and I love the rattles. They are both very beautiful. I looked at a bunch of different ones on the Internet and yours looked like the most well-made and they are even nicer than I expected."

Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, Moose and Wolf Rawhide Drums and Rattles
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AUSTRALIA: "The drum arrived this week, and it's amazing. I just love the sound. What a difference a real hide drum makes! The rattle I am also really pleased with."

AUSTRIA: "Thanks for the beautiful [gourd] rattle. The rattle ... is very light and has a beautiful sound..."

BELGIUM: "Your drum arrived today ... I was pleasantly surprised. I love his sound. It feels great to hold him. Thank you very much."

CANADA: "My drum arrived today, and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful workmanship and the exquisite sound. I am absolutely blown away by it. I am thrilled."

FINLAND: "...about the drum, as British might say: It's quite nice. Or the Finnish: Ihan kiva. ... the drum is all I dreamed of and more, much more. It's incredible! I can't thank you enough!"

FRANCE: "Last year I bought a buffalo drum kit from you, and I never took the time to tell you how pleased I was with it. Well, now I would like to offer one to my partner..."

GERMANY: "...when I wrote you, I was both - excited and confused - at the same time and it took you lots of time and patience to help me through my inner process! ... Thank you for being so supportive!"

GREECE: "We received the things today. The sound and the pulse of the drum are wonderful and also [it] is the right size for me. The rattles are very nice too. ... One takes pleasure even by looking at them!"

IRELAND: "A couple of years back I bought a wolf rattle from you and I'm very happy with it. I just have a couple of queries about the buffalo hide drums. I'm thinking of buying one..."

ITALY: "I am so exciting the drum is arrived just now. I am so happy because the sound is deep and clear. I can't imagine something better. I am very happy, is the best for me!"

LITHUANIA: "The drum has arrived and it is really a beauty. The sound is wonderful. I have not seen many shamanic drums in reality but yours is a real magic item. Thank you very much for the drum."

NETHERLANDS: "I received the drum today. What a wonderful sound ... excellent for journeying. Love the beat and its resonance. The beater is excellent too: brings out the different areas of the drumhead wonderfully."

NEW ZEALAND: "Kia Ora Steven, I collected the drum and rattle yesterday and they are stunning. I couldn't be happier and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love the deep sound of the drum, the rattle is great also."

NORWAY: "Hello Steven. Just received my drum, and I have to say this is some piece of work, just amazing both in looks and in vibration, love the skin, couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for making this amazing piece."

SAUDI ARABIA: "I love my drum so much! Thank you."

SLOVENIA: "Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Yesterday the Big Drum arrived and it was surely one of the Greatest moments in my Life!!! ... it began to sing that old ancient song of the of the World ..."

SOUTH AFRICA: "The drum you made for me with the darker circle in the middle is awesome and seems to act as a focal point to relay energy back to me. ... Thanks again for an awesome drum."

SPAIN: "The horse rattle arrived in perfect condition, it's beautiful and it has the gentle but rich sound I asked for! I've felt immediately attached to it and I'm sure it will be a perfect company in my shamanic rides."

SWITZERLAND: "I have finally received your drum :-) !!! I couldn't help but play it right away! What a magnificent job! Not only is it truly beautiful, but its deep, warm, yet powerful tone is all I had dreamed about."

UNITED KINGDOM: "My husband has made the drum [kit] and it looks fantastic, so many thanks." ...and in a follow-up message... "The drum is wonderful. I use it a lot with friends to celebrate the power and the energy of our mother earth."

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Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, Moose and Wolf Rawhide Drums and Rattles
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