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Round Rawhide Drum Kits

I remember making my first rawhide drum. I was putting my own energy into this drum, personalizing it, and it was going to be special. It still was, some 20 years later.

What if you had never made anything with your hands?
I had carefully crafted step-by-step drum making
instructions, including an easy-to-follow diagram.

I have retired after 20 years of exciting drum making.
I am still making drums that interest me. Any that
are available can be found by clicking here.

Round Rawhide Drum Kit

Making Your Drum: Step by Step Images

Kit included drum skin, drum frame, hide lacing,
drum mallet, and step-by-step instructions.

You supplied spray bottle, old towels, a strip
of cloth to wrap around the drum edge,
and a razor tool or sharp scissors.

Round Drum Kit Prices
14" Drum
Kit (35-cm)
Sorry, I have
16" Drum
Kit (40-cm)
18" Drum
Kit (46-cm)
20" Drum
Kit (51-cm)
24" Drum
Kit (61-cm)

Other Hides for Drum Kits

Please note that a 16-inch drum typically has a
much bigger sound than a 14-inch drum.

A Drum Mallet with a handle wrapped with Bear, Buffalo,
Deer, Elk, or Moose leather came with each Drum Kit.

Buffalo Rawhide Drums in France

These are four Buffalo Drums in France. The order
was for three drum kits and one completed drum.

From Ohio: I bought a drum kit from you several years ago. The drum has brought much healing and hope to many. Thanks for providing the materials and instructions.

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Completed Drums
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