Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

Steven Kauder

Sound Samples
of Shaman Drums and Rattles

Here are samples of the Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse,
and Moose drums and rattles I have made.

Well made drums of any hide type will sound similar to
other drums of like size, so I do not have samples
of every hide type (buffalo, elk, moose, etc.).

Drumming Journeys with Bear, Horse, Buffalo, and Elk
single drumming ... Bear
single drumming ... Horse
double drumming ... Buffalo and Elk

If you have trouble listening to these samples, try this alternate sound sample page.

Rattling Journeys with Bear, Cougar, Moose, and Elk
single rattling ... Bear
single rattling ... Mountain Lion
double rattling ... Moose and Elk

Some sound samples are for things that I occasionally
offer, such as bear drums, horse drums, and
bear rattles. If you are interested in
any of these, please email me.

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Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, Moose and Wolf Rawhide Drums and Rattles
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