Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

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Horse Drums, Rattles, Kits

Horse rawhide makes unique drums and rattles, and it is often used for ceremonial work. Horse is a thin hide.

Horse rawhide is difficult to obtain, and availability is limited.

I have retired after 20 years of amiable drum making.
I am still making drums that interest me. If any are
available, they can be found by clicking here.

Horse Rawhide Drum
Rawhide Drum Kit

Horse Rawhide Rattle
Rawhide Rattle Kit

Horse Rattles & Kits
Sorry, I have
Horse Drums - Completed
14" (35 cm)
Sorry, I have
16" (40 cm)
18" (46 cm)
Horse Drums - Kits
14" (35 cm)
Sorry, I have
16" (40 cm)
18" (46 cm)
Drum prices included $21 U.S. shipping.

A Drum Mallet with a handle wrapped with Bear, Buffalo,
Deer, Elk, or Moose leather came with each Drum.

Drum Kits included drum skin, drum frame, hide lacing,
drum mallet, and step-by-step instructions. You supplied
spray bottle, old towels, a strip of cloth to wrap around
the drum edge, and a razor tool or sharp scissors.

Rattle Kits included hide pieces for the rattle head, stick for
handle, leather to wrap handle, artificial sinew, corn,
tapesty sewing needle, and step-by-step instructions.
You supplied sand, funnel, glue, string, rubber
band, and a razor tool or sharp scissors.

For a while, I was able to
get horse rawhide with
the hair still on it.
Appaloosa Drum with hair

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