Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

Steven Kauder

Drum and Rattle Gallery

I love creating drums and rattles, and I make them with prayers and blessings. Each drum is a commission from a client. I ask each client about their spiritual intentions and their goals for their drum. I make the drum to help each client achieve their intentions.

Sometimes, I make nonordinary drums and rattles -- like a Buffalo drum with fur -- or a Wolf drum -- or a Lynx rattle. Some of these creations are pictured below.

Cougar Drum
Mountain Lion Drum

Grizzly Bear Drum
Grizzly Bear Rawhide Drum

Black Bear Drum
Bear Rawhide Drum with fantastic images

Horse Drum
Horse Rawhide Drum

Buffalo Drum
Buffalo Drum with the hair on

Appaloosa Horse Drum
Appaloosa Drum with hair

Wolf Drum
Buffalo Drum with Wolf

Fox Drum
Buffalo Drum with Fox

Buffalo Drum
Caribou Antler Handle
Buffalo Drum with Caribou handle

Buffalo Rattle
Caribou Antler Handle
Buffalo Rattle with Caribou handle

Cougar Rattle
Cougar Rawhide Rattle

Dark Wolf Rattle
Dark Wolf Rattle

Silver Wolf Rattle
Silver Wolf Rattle

Buffalo Rattle
Buffalo Rattle with hair

Bear Rattle
Bear Rattle with hair

Appaloosa Horse Rattle
Appaloosa Rattle with hair

Skunk Rattle
Skunk Rattle

Lynx Rattle
Lynx Rattle

Tower of Drums and Rattles
Drums in the image below: Eleven round hand drums
...An oval buffalo hand drum
...A moose powwow drum
...Four drum mallets
Rattles in the image below: Nine rawhide rattles
...A large gourd rattle
...A northwest coast reproduction rattle
Shamanic Art: Ceremonial Drums and Rattles

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Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, Moose and Wolf Rawhide Drums and Rattles
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