Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

Steven Kauder

Egg-Shaped Drums

I came across a few of these drums over the years. I liked them enough to have my drum frame maker create some for me. Egg-shaped drums work well for extended drumming.

I have retired after 20 sumptuous years of drum making.
I am still making drums that interest me. If any are
available, they can be found by clicking here.

Egg-Shaped Buffalo Drum
Egg-Shaped Buffalo Rawhide Drum

Egg-Shaped Shaman Drums have a distinctive shape.
These drums typically have a very big sound.

I make drums with a Drum Awakening Ceremony
and with prayers and blessings.

Egg-Shaped Drum Prices
18"x14.5" Drum
(46-cm x 37-cm)
Sorry, I have
21"x17" Drum
(53-cm x 43-cm)
24"x21" Drum
(61-cm x 53-cm)

An 18"x14.5" drum is my favorite size for travel. It fits
in most suitcases and typically has a great sound.

A Drum Mallet with a handle wrapped with Bear, Buffalo,
Deer, Elk, or Moose leather came with each Drum.

From California: My drum just arrived and I am ecstatic!!! The sound has beautiful depth and presence, the buffalo hide is absolutely gorgeous and I love the egg shape! It feels very harmonious and resonant in my hands, [...] and the experience of playing it is already deeply satisfying.

24-inch x 21-inch Egg-Shaped Buffalo Rawhide Drum
This is a large 24" x 21" (61-cm x 53-cm)
Buffalo Egg-Shaped Drum.

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