Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

Steven Kauder

I have retired after 20 amusing years of drum making. Click here to see drums from my personal collection.

Drum Mallets

The quality of the mallet is as important as the quality of a drum skin, so I made the best sounding and best looking mallets that I could. The shafts were osage orange, one of the strongest woods in North America.

Artificial fur mallets have a softer and fuller sound. Leather drum mallets respond better to higher humidity.

Artificial Bear

Faux Bear Drum Mallet
Deer Leather

Deer Leather Drum Mallet
A drum mallet with a handle wrapped with
Bear, Buffalo Deer, Elk, or Moose leather
came with each Drum and Drum Kit.

The Artificial Bear Mallet was my Standard Mallet.
I received many compliments on their look and sound.
You could have also ordered a Deer Leather Mallet.
This was a mallet with a "stronger and sharper sound."

Drum Mallet Prices
Artificial Bear
Sorry, I have
Deer Leather

I previously offered Wolf Artificial Fur
Mallets with a wonderful, wild look.
Artificial Wolf Drum Mallet

From Connecticut: I just received my drum....perfect timing. ... The drum mallet also sounds awesome with my other drums ... Do you sell them separately as well?

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