Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse and Moose Drums and Rattles

Steven Kauder

Bear Drums and Rattles

Bear is a great hide to work with because of its unique properties and its place in our consciousness. Bear images and bear skulls are found in Neolithic caves dating back many thousands of years.

I have retired after 20 colorful years of drum making.
I am still making drums that interest me. If any are
available, they can be found by clicking here.

Bear Rawhide Drum

(State laws prohibit the sale of bear into Alaska, Alabama,
California, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts,
Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota,
Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas,
Virginia, and West Virginia.)

Bear Rattles with Fur
Several years ago, I obtained a few tanned bear hides that were "tannery rejects" but still good quality.

I was able to make bear rattles with fur by utilizing these hides with a buffalo rawhide inner liner and a filling of quartz crystals.

These rattles have an amazing, wild look when shaken!
Black Bear Rattle with Fur
Please check below
for availability.

Bear Rattle Prices
Bear-with-Fur Rattle
Sorry, I have
Bear Drum Prices
14" (35 cm)
Sorry, I have
16" (40 cm)
18" (46 cm)

A Drum Mallet with a handle wrapped with Bear, Buffalo,
Deer, Elk, or Moose leather came with each Drum.

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Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, Moose and Wolf Rawhide Drums and Rattles
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