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Steven Kauder

Shamanic Resources

I have had the good fortune over the years to encounter many excellent shamanic practitioners and teachers. The ones below are outstanding souls; they are the teachers, healers, and artists I recommend.

Betsy Bergstrom
Betsy Bergstrom is a full-time Shamanic Practitioner who has studied with shamans and healers from many cultures. She is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-Year Program. She has been trained by a number of indigenous shamans and healers who have encouraged her and shared with her their wonderful teachings. Her calling is to work in partnership with the Helping Spirits, to help the living and with the dead. She says, "...the feedback from my classes has been that the teaching (of Heart Centered Shamanic Depossession) defused much of the fear that some people felt in approaching the work of clearing and depossession."

Jan Engels-Smith

The LightSong School of
Shamanic Studies
Jan Engels-Smith assists individuals in finding their personal power, which is a path to healing and wholeness. Her healing practice derives from decades of experience as a shamanic practitioner, counselor-psychologist, and a science teacher. She has seen amazing transformation take place by combining these disciplines. Jan is a licensed professional counselor, a chemical dependency specialist, a marriage & family counselor, reiki master as well as a hypnotherapist.

Shoshana Avree
My mission is to help serve the Spirits in the most compassionate manner possible. My intention is to help others "wake up" to their lives through the work of the compassionate spirits showing the way of healing to the client. I believe my work is about "planting a seed, grows a thousand trees" of happiness, joy, bliss, healing and right action; helping to make our human condition more exquisite and life affirming. The flame in each of our souls shines brighter serving one another and the Mother (Earth and all its creatures).

Alida Birch
Alida Birch is an acknowledged shamanic healer. Her love and passion for helping people fuels her soul as she assists them in recovering their true selves. She is a bridge between the seen and unseen. She is certified as a shamanic counselor by Michael Harner and trained to teach shamanism by Sandra Ingerman. She has a thriving counseling, teaching and healing practice in Eugene Oregon.

Carla Meeske
Carla Meeske has been offering shamanism and animal communication for clients across the globe since 1998. A member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and The Society for Shamanic Practitioners, I follow the path of core shamanism, using healing techniques that are common to many cultures and compatible with our modern world. I have trained with the Foundation in soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, death and dying, divination and healing, and completed the Foundation's three year training program in 2000. I work with people and with animals. Cats, dogs, horses, goats and chickens have been recipients of my spirit allies' gracious healing power.

Karen Furr

Spirit Drum
Spirit Drum is the heartchild of Karen, a former Franciscan Sister living in Kingman, Arizona. For her there is no separation of the realities of seen and unseen, and her work as a healer is rooted in the belief that it is not what we "do" that heals, but what we allow ourselves to become. As a Shamanic healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Karen understands illness from perspective of loss of essential power. As a former Catholic sister, she walks the path of the mystic and healer, seeking to integrate all the worlds for healing of self, community and Earth. She is aware that it is in bringing Light into the world that healing and wholeness can happen.

Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Spirit Passages
Evelyn C. Rysdyk, author of the books "Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power" and "Modern Shamanic Living," and C. Allie Knowlton, MSW, DCSW offer shamanic services, healing, and initiatory workshops. They are committed to help you increase your personal power, feel your intrinsic sacredness and expand your connections to All That Is. Their extensive experience insures you of safe shamanic healing encounters, as well as opportunities to train in shamanism with confidence.

Michael Dunning

Transformation and Healing
from the Sacred Yew Tree
The yew tree is one of our first and greatest spiritual teachers. The language of the yew communicates with the body from the subtle and generative realms of the Otherworld, inspiring the arts of seership and prophesy, as well as illuminating the ability to access our innate self-healing processes. I am honored to have been called to learn from one such teacher - a solitary and ancient female yew tree in Scotland that not only renewed my dying body, but gave me deep insight into an ancient practice of healing that I have named Yewshamanism.

Eleanora Amendolara

Sacred Center
Sacred Center is a beautiful space in New York State's Hudson Valley where Eleanora Amendolara offers a two-year healing arts school program and works professionally as a healing artist. Healing arts education, training, and workshops; individual private sessions; mentoring; and journeys to extraordinary places in Peru are some of the resources she uses to help people discover and experience life with acceptance, joy, and flexibility for themselves and others.

Claire Von Karls

Riverside Counseling Center
Claire Von Karls is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a Private Practice in Littleton, NH. For over 30 years she has worked as a psychotherapist, counselor, and workshop presenter. Claire is also a Shamanic Practitioner and Dreamworker. She has extensive training in earth-based spirituality, Native American philosophy, and experiential Dreamwork skills. Her workshops focus on Practical Dreamwork, personal empowerment, intuitive wisdom, and ancient methods of healing.

Michelle McKinney

Healing Winds
The healing and intuitive work I offer integrates insights distilled from life lessons, inspiration and wisdom from helping spirits and nature, clairvoyance, and in-depth training in: Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Hypnosis/NLP, and Systemic Constellations. It is only through the process of my own healing and life challenges that I was introduced to, if not initiated into, these truly remarkable methods. They have been transformational for me in many ways, and I continue to be in awe of the results I witness with my clients.

Laurie Nelson

Ancestral Thunder
I love marinating in study and practice of the world's wisdom traditions and have done so all my life. Over the years, experiences have opened me to hear the voices of my Ancestors and those in Nature. They compel me to share what I've learned with you, as pathways for discovering the extraordinary within yourself. It has become my greatest passion to lead others to their own realization of the depth and breadth of the soul, and bring that into daily living. My prayer is that through this work, we will connect at a soul level and tenderly nourish the very heart of our beings.

Carlisle Berquist

Vantage Quest
Vantage Quest helps access creativity that may astonish you. It works by stilling the mind and allowing material to enter the field of awareness from the subconscious and transpersonal realms of consciousness. Like a shaman's journey, it is diving into the inner formless unknown and returning with a gift to help repair our outer world. It is receiving to give. Vantage Quest is a instrument for applied reverie in service of your creative, meditative, and healing work.

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