Buffalo, Elk, and Moose Drums

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Shaman Rattles

Shaman Rattles are a great alternative to drums,
and they are traditional in many societies.

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Buffalo Rawhide
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Elk Rawhide
Moose Rawhide
Bear Rawhide
Grizzly Bear Rawhide
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Horse Rawhide
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Special Fillings (additional cost)
Quartz Crystals
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Ant Hill Stones
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Rattle Handles are made with select branches and are
wrapped with Bear, Buffalo, Deer, Elk, or Moose leather.

Rattles in Stock - Buffalo Rawhide



Rattles in Stock - Elk Rawhide



Rattles in Stock - Moose Rawhide


Rattles in Stock - Bear Rawhide


Rattles in Stock - Grizzly Bear Rawhide


My Rattle Story: Many years ago, I made my first rattle with a piece of rawhide left over from the first drum I made. It was an adventure because I had no guide, only a casual reference from my first teacher. I have learned a lot since then and have sold more than a thousand rattles and rattle kits with fillings of corn, quartz crystals, or ant hill stones from the Posi Ruins in New Mexico.

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Steven Kauder
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