Bear, Buffalo, Elk, Horse, and Moose Drums
Steven Kauder
Elbing, Kansas
(316) 799-2989

Shaman Drums and Shaman Rattles

Drums and rattles are used in ceremony, healing rituals, and shamanic journeying. Shaman drums and shaman rattles are magical creations that represent many cultures and many heritages. There are ancient and worldwide traditions of drum making and rattle making, and beating a drum or shaking a rattle recalls the primitive to us.

I make ceremonial drums and rattles to help individuals along their paths and to honor the animals and trees that have given to us.

Being a drummaker and a rattlemaker has been one of my greatest rewards. I have done work this since I made my first drum in 1996.

Each drum is made with a ceremony and blessing.

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Round Drums
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Oval Drums
Oval Drum Kits
Egg Shaped
Sweat Lodge
Caribou Antler Handle

Rawhide Rattles
Rawhide Rattle Kits
Drum Mallets
Sweat Lodge
Ant Hill Stones
Quartz Crystals
Cholla Cactus Handle
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More About Me
I make drums and rattles with respect for animals and trees who have given their gifts.
I only use the "leavings" -- no animal was killed just for its hide. From each hide,
I cut drumskins, rattle heads and finally drum lacing; nothing is wasted.
I make my drums and rattles with prayer and ceremony.

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I have sold drums and rattles to people in 27 countries ... from Australia (top left) ... to the United Kingdom (bottom right)

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